Writers Friendship, David Alpaugh cheers the soul


My friend David Alpaugh, author of “Counterpoint,” “Heavy Lifting,” and widely read and discussed essays on “The Professionalization of Poetry” and “New Math of Poetry,” responds to my new poem, “Legacy: Muse Neglect,” which opens We’re comin’ up to my birthday./I’m seventy-seven—twenty-three more and I’ll be a hundred!/So what’s it all about, sixty-odd years of… [Read More]

Podiatrist Father, “God is in the Cracks,” Black Moss Press

In answer to a recent query from ‘Podiatrist Melbourne’ ( see below) “Podiatrist Melbourne has left a new comment on your post “Podiatrist Father”: Interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you…” I’d say 1) my poem “The Podiatrist’s Son,” which opens God is in the Cracks… [Read More]

Red Room Writers.com

Thanks for checking in… for latest, please visit: http://www.redroom.com/author/robert-sward and, also, http://writerfriendships.webdelsol.com Working simultaneously on 3 blogs (how did that happen?), I’m focusing more now on the Red Room Writers.com and, in addition, “Writers’ Friendship / Writers’ Enmity.” Introduction to Writers’ Friendship follows: “Humility is not a virtue propitious to the artist. It is often… [Read More]

Casting and Gathering – Friendship, On the Contrary…

_____________ by Andrew Boobier —In his poem, Casting and Gathering, dedicated to his friend Ted Hughes,Seamus Heaney writes: I love hushed air. I trust contrariness.Years and years go past and I do not moveFor I see that when one man casts, the other gathersAnd then vice versa, without changing sides. Heaney evokes here the push-pull… [Read More]

Writers’ Friendship Renewed


by Robert Sward Barry Spacks, Poetry Matters Reading an Old Friend’s Poemsby Barry Sparks The wonderings and sweetness of this voicebring to my thoughtthe scent of fine paper, fine linen,shirt with a white collarfor the first time worn,long evening with a new book,dwelling over the pages. But in its sayingsof loss, this voicetastes blood on… [Read More]

Always the Beautiful Answer – Prose Poem Primer


Poet Peter Klappert’s Circular Stairs, Distress in the Mirrors, Six Gallery Press,Pittsburgh, PA, 2008.— My friend Peter Klappert sends a copy of his new book plus Ruth Kempher’s Always the Beautiful Answer: A Prose Poem Primer (the anthology was first published in 1999 and is now back in print). RK begins with a definition… PROSE,… [Read More]

Wisdom through excess


“It takes several lives to make one person.” I believe that and that we are also, all of us, phoenixes rising, or so it seems, from the ashes of our old selves. The rise and fall of the phoenix. Phoenix. Pheonix. Phoenix. “The soul is a vast domain,” wrote Arthur Schnitzler. “So many contradictions find… [Read More]

Why do you write?


Orhan Pamuk, Nobel Prize Lecture, 2006…  In his Nobel Lecture, Pamuk provides a fairly comprehensive reply to the question, “Why do you write?”  “Why do you write? I write because I have an innate need to write. I write because I can’t do normal work as other people do. I write because I want to… [Read More]

Men have breast tissue, too! Later… #2


Medical Clinic Procedure is for “US BREAST UNILAT… lump or mass in breast. Clinical data: lump at 9 o’clock about 8 mm-1 cm size, cystic…”  “…at 9 o’clock”? Can’t help thinking of World War II movies, gunnery specialists, air force pilots and sailors locating the enemy’s position.  So there’s the waiting, then these two procedures,… [Read More]