Uncle Dog: The Poet at 9

Press Play to Start Audio I did not want to be old Mr. Garbage man, but uncle dog who rode sitting beside him. Uncle dog had always looked to me to be truck-strong wise-eyed, a cur-like Ford Of a dog. I did not want to be Mr. Garbage man because all he had was cans… [Read More]

Four Incarnations, New & Selected Poems

4 incarnations cover

“The startling, perfect lines, the twists, the playfulness, the magical use of speech rhythms and colloquial speech make Sward a writer I never tire of, always find delightful. His delight in what is always colored with what can be lost, a sense of what has been lost, adds to the poignancy, the caught moment or memory of a distant caught moment. I’m so glad he’s back with this delicious collection…”
-from reader Lyn Lifshin’s review on Amazon.com  
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Rosicrucian in the Basement

rosicrucian in the basement

“I like the wide sweep of it. There are many mysteries between father and son that people don’t talk about…. The father figure comes through consistently, there’s a lot of buoyancy, and the son is consistent and fine too.”
– Robert Bly, author of Iron John  
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Heavenly Sex

heavenly sex cover

“…fierce, new minted and convincing… he [Sward] has a voice and a range.”
-The New York Times Book Review  
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collected poems cover

“What I would really like to say about The Collected Poems of Robert Sward would not be a book review. I would like to say: Listen to this! …”
– from Amazon.com book review  
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God is in the Cracks

god is in the cracks narrative cover

“This book draws on Rosicrucian in the Basement and Heavenly Sex (Black Moss Press) and includes a dozen new poems in the father-son series. The poems here are sequenced to form a narrative spanning 60 years (1945 – present) and are best read in the order printed.”

— Robert Sward, from Author’s Notes  
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Robyn Sarah has been a quiet but persistent presence in Canadian letters since the mid-1970s, when her poems and short stories began appearing in Canadian journals and anthologies.  Born in New York City to Canadian parents, she grew up in Montreal, studying simultaneously at the Conservatoire de Musique du Quebec and at McGill University where… [Read More]

A Man Needs a Place to Stand

Father: “Snap out of it, son! Yes, of course I’m dead, but you think I’ve left the world? Then how come you’re talking to me? Nu? ask yourself: How is this possible? Listen to me: There’s more good news. That’s right: Death doesn’t separate you from God. This is a surprise? You were thinking there’s… [Read More]

On the Nature of Literary Friendship

“How about a short piece–an essay, a story, a couple anecdotes–on writers’ friendships? ” I asked a friend. “Your honest thoughts–no bullshit! We’re looking for writers’ experiences… what it’s like for one writer to keep up a friendship with another.” A respected poet and critic, D. was the first person I asked to submit work… [Read More]