New & Selected Poems, 1957 – 2011

new and selected poems robert sward 2011

New and Selected Poems: 1957 – 2011 is culled from Robert Sward’s newest and best works, including both previously unpublished poems and selections from his 20+ books of poetry. It is the definitive Sward collection, exhibiting throughout his signature style: outwardly zany and fanciful, but inwardly serious, troubled, and questioning. They cover the territory Sward has tread so well—love, divorce, multiple marriage, aging, loss, and the challenge of bringing up children in a highly unstable world.  
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Photo and interview with Leonard Cohen by Robert Sward

Photo of Leonard Cohen by Robert Sward

Photo of Leonard Cohen by Robert Sward Photo and interview with Leonard Cohen by Robert Sward This interview took place in Montreal, Quebec – 1984. INT: Your latest album is called ” Various Positions. ” Why that title? LC: When you’re gathering songs together, the ones that you have and the ones that you can… [Read More]

Interview with Saul Bellow: “Truth Should Have Some Style”


Interview by Robert Sward This interview took place at the University of Victoria, Canada – 1982. Saul Bellow was born in Lachine, Quebec in 1915. He attended Protestant schools in Montreal until at the age of nine he moved with his family to Chicago. He studied at the University of Chicago and received his bachelor’s… [Read More]

E.R. – Eucalyptus Roulette


“In wildfires, the tops or ‘crowns’ of the trees blast off like miniature cannons, causing firey crowns to become airborne, carrying seeds many hundreds of feet.” A Foreseeable Danger in Santa Cruz In view of the foreseeable danger from the flammable, shallow rooted eucalyptus tree, it is now time for Santa Cruz to revise the… [Read More]

Why I Publish in e-Zines

Computer-phobic writers, teaching cronies and fans of olde style litmags ask why I have chosen to publish in e-zines like Blue Penny Quarterly; X-Connect; eSCENE; Fiction Online; Gruene Street; Hawk; Realpoetik; Recursive Angel; Transmog & Zero City, to name a few. 1. I publish on the Net and World Wide Web because it’s cheap —… [Read More]

Portrait of an L.A. Daughter


Her third eye is strawberry jam
has a little iris in it
her eyelids
are red
she’s sleepy
and the milk
has gone down
the wrong way.
I’ve just had breakfast
with the smallest person in the world.  
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One-Stop Foot Shop


“We walk with angels and they are our feet.” “‘Vibrating energy packets,’” he calls them. “‘Bundles of soul in a world of meat.’ Early warning system– dry skin and brittle nails; feelings of numbness and cold; these are symptoms; they mean something. I see things physicians miss. “All you have to do is open your… [Read More]

For Gloria on her 60th Birthday, or Looking for Love in Merriam Webster

for gloria

“Beautiful, splendid, magnificent, delightful, charming, appealing,” says the dictionary. And that’s how I start… But I hear her say, “Make it less glorious and more Gloria.” Imperious, composed, skeptical, serene, lustrous, irreverent, she’s marked by glory, she attracts glory “Glory,” I say, “Glory, Glory.” “Is there a hallelujah in there?” she asks, when I read… [Read More]



—For William Dickey I They were spraying Pepsi and moth-juice on the fire. The mosquitoes, lawn flies and moths dove, flashed and were painlessly consumed. There was applause …we entered. And while my wife was kissed, they clapped me on the back. They wanted to know that I was there. And then I kissed them… [Read More]