A Man Needs a Place to Stand


“Snap out of it, son!
Yes, of course I’m dead,
but you think I’ve left the world?
Then how come you’re talking to me?
Nu? ask yourself:
How is this possible? Listen to me:
There’s more good news.
That’s right: Death doesn’t separate you from God.
This is a surprise? You were thinking
there’s something to fear?
Anyway, wait’ll you die, son. You’ll see.
We never entirely leave the world.
Ach, there’s no ‘there’ to leave. There’s hardly a ‘here.’
And you, nudnik,
you just think you have a body.
Still, you can’t chase the invisible.
Do that and you’ll end up everywhere,
and then what?
A man needs a place to stand.”

– from Heavenly Sex